Vinnie Jones: 'If Jamie Carragher spat at my daughter I'd be after them'

Carragher spat at the girl through his car window after Liverpool's defeat at Manchester United

Carragher has faced a firestorm of criticism over the spitting incident

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Vinnie Jones has described Jamie Carragher's actions as "filth" and said that "if someone spat at my daughter, I'd be after them."

The fall-out continues from footage of Carragher spitting through his car window at a teenage girl in another vehicle, who was goading him about Liverpool's defeat at Manchester United.

Jones, who was renowned for violence during his football career, told our sister station talkSPORT that Carragher should now be sent to the "job centre" as there's no way back for him.

He also suggested that the father of the teenage girl, who was driving when Carragher spat at his daughter, displayed admirable restraint in not reacting.

Watch below.


Vinnie Jones: "If someone spat at my daughter I'd be after them!" Listen again ▼@talkSPORT | @VinnieJones65 | @Carra23

— talkRADIO (@talkRADIO) March 13, 2018