Vladimir Putin has had 'a bit of a hair transplant', says personality star Lizzie Cundy

Vladimir Putin has had 'a bit of a hair transplant', says Lizzie Cundy

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Lizzie Cundy has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had “a strange face” and looked like he had “a hair transplant" when she met the Russian leader. 

Ms Cundy told talkRADIO’s James Whale: “I was at a restaurant and this Russian lady kept coming to join me and my friend. She loved this bag I had, this red bag, and she would not stop.

“In the end, because I wanted her to go away, I said ‘do you want my bag?’ and took what I had out of it.

“She said ‘thank you, thank you’, I took a picture with her. We were asking questions and she said Putin was her best friend.

“I thought she was crazy and then my other friend, who is Russian walked in and said ‘I can’t believe who you are talking to’.

“’You know that is Putin’s best friend and he only has friends from school days’ because he doesn’t trust anyone at all.”


‘A bit of work done’

When Mr Putin visited the UK, Ms Cundy was invited to meet him saying he was “very small”.

She said: “Then he was over here and she was desperate for me to meet him so I said hello to him.”

Talking about his face, she said: “I just felt like he had done something to it, a bit of work done.”

President Putin was in the news on Wednesday after he said Russia had identified the two men suspected of poisoning a former Russian spy.

Mr Putin said there is "nothing criminal" about the suspects who were identified by the UK as Russian military intelligence officers Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov.

The president said on Wednesday that Russian officials "know who these people are" and insisted they do not work for the military. He called on the two men to contact the media and "tell about themselves".