Vladimir Putin tells Trump to stop 'intimidation' of North Korea

Putin suggested that the intimidation of North Korea must stop

Putin gave a stark warning to the US and the rest of the international community today

Monday, May 15, 2017

Vladimir Putin has told the US and other members of the global community to stop the "intimidation" of North Korea.

The Russian leader, speaking at the One Belt, One Road forum in Beijing, called on Pyongyang and the global community to reach a peaceful solution to the current impasse, and says North Korea's recent missile tests have been "counterproductive."

The comments come amid increasing tension between Washington and Pyongyang following the ascension of Donald Trump to the White House in January.

has taken a hawkish stance towards the rogue state, suggesting it is time the global community stops tolerating North Korea's provocation.

However North Korea has itself ramped up its proganda efforts since Trump's election, hosting a huge military parade last month to mark its 'Day of the Sun' celebrations.

Pyongyang has also warned of its missile capability on several occasions, warning today that it can strike the US mainland with one of its rockets. These warnings have been accompanied by a number of propaganda videos showing the destruction of iconic US buildings.