Vladimir Putin tries to quote Ronald Reagan - and ends up quoting George Bush

Vladimir Putin messes up George Bush quote during panel appearance

Vladimir Putin didn't quote George Bush correctly

Friday, March 31, 2017

When you think of the name George Bush, stupid comments are probably the first thing that come into your mind.

So it was somewhat fitting that, when Vladimir Putin made a rather embarrassing case of mistaken identity today, it involved the Bush dynasty.

At a press event this morning (March 31) Mr Putin falsely attributed a Bush quote to Ronald Reagan - although the author of the quote was actually Bush the elder, America's president during the late 1980s, rather than his gaffe-prone son 'Dubya'.

Mr Putin appeared on a CNBC panel this morning (March 31) and was asked directly whether Russia had interfered in the US Presidential election.

In response he said: “Ronald Reagan once, when debating about taxes and addressing the Americans, said, ‘Read my lips: no."

But unfortunately for the Kremlin strongman it wasn't Reagan who said these words, but George H W Bush, who used the phrase in a speech at the Republican National Convention in 1988, according to Vox.

Bush made the comment when asked if he would be increasing taxes - only to later break that promise and raise them anyway. Make of that what you will.