Want to speak Spanish like a drug lord? Well now you can, thanks to Narcos and Netflix

Netflix launches Spanish lessons with language app Babbel

Netflix will be launching Spanish lessons based on narco slang

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's something we've all wished we could do at some point: speak the aggressive Spanish slang of a South American drug lord.

Well now, thanks to Netflix and language service Babbel, those dreams we all harbour of talking like Pablo Escobar can become reality.

It all stems from smashit drama Narcos, about Escobar and his nefarious drug empire. The series was first produced in Spanish to appeal to Latin American viewers, but has been watched worldwide.

Non-Spanish viewers will now be able to learn Spanish, and keep up with the show's grimey lingo, via a series of language lessons. 

Netflix is designing a language demo, based on a regular Babbel lessons, but teaching the language used in the programme (with a few profanities presumably removed). 

Thomas Holl, founder and president of the Babbel Inc, was quoted by the Drum as saying: “Many people worldwide are introduced to new languages through TV series and movies. By using what you love to watch, to learn a language you’d like to know, we’ve created an emotional connection that bonds you to a new language that might otherwise have remained inaccessible."

Teaching ordinary people the sort of language needed to buy and ship drugs overseas? What would possibly go wrong...