Warehouse worker threatened with gun during robbery

Monday, July 29, 2019

CCTV footage has been released of a warehouse worker being tied to a chair and held at gunpoint during a robbery.

Three men broke into a warehouse in Dagenham in east London on January 6 to steal crates of mobile phones and other electronics.

They threatened a worker with a hammer before tying him to an office chair and showing him what appeared to be the handle of a gun tucked into one of the thieves’ waistband.

Two of the masked thieves robbed the warehouse while the other waited in the van

Police have released the footage in the hope of tracking down the robbers’ white Ford Transit van.

Detective Constable Conor Lynch said the vehicle had false number plates and they are yet to find it.

“We really need members of the public to look at this footage carefully and come forward if they believe they have any information at all. It could be the piece of evidence we are looking for that helps lead to the conviction of those involved,” he said.

“The victim found himself in a very frightening situation and we will continue to provide support throughout the process.”

The warehouse worker was uninjured and was able to call for help soon after the thieves left – he was cut free by another staff member.

Five men and a woman have been arrested in relation to the robbery however they were all released under investigation.

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