Warmer weather on way as muggy conditions are driven out

Muggy conditions in the UK will soon be replaced by brighter, warmer weather, say forecasters

Muggy conditions in the UK will soon be replaced by brighter, warmer weather, say forecasters

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Spring showers will soon make way for sunshine and soaring temperatures as winds carrying murky clouds and fog are driven out, forecasters say.

Parts of the UK could enjoy highs of 22C (71.6F) as the temperature gradually climbs towards the weekend and into next week.

Eastern parts of the UK have suffered under drizzle and gloomy conditions mid-week, struggling to get above 7C (44.6F), the Met Office said.

The muggy conditions have ridden in on winds from the east, but this will soon be replaced by softer gusts from the south which will allow warmth to break through.

But, unfortunately for most, the best of the sunshine will not be arriving until the weekend is over.

Met Office forecaster Sarah Kent said: "There is a big change in both the weather and the wind direction from what we have got now to what we are seeing at the weekend.

"We have had this really gloomy easterly wind that has been bringing a lot of low cloud, mist, fogginess to many eastern parts yesterday and today and probably will do tomorrow.

"The wind direction is shifting, so we lose this really cloudy, misty and murky easterly wind and by the time we get through to Saturday we have got quite light wind, but it is coming from a southerly direction across the country.

"It is not going to be wall-to-wall sunshine at all, unfortunately, but it is going to be warmer because we have lost that cold wind."

Breezes are expected to endure in western parts of the UK next week, but the sun will triumph over the gloom elsewhere.

"It looks consistently sunny for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - we could see temperatures touch on 20C in places," Ms Kent said.

Temperatures are expected to remain warm for the rest of the week, but low pressures lurking in the west threaten to bring showers back across the country.