WATCH Chinese state media accused of racism over Indian impression

Chinese state media accused of racism after releasing video of Indian impersonator

The video was posted on social media

Friday, August 18, 2017

A video published by Chinese state media about a border dispute with India has been accused of being racist.

The footage shows a Chinese actor wearing a turban, beard and sunglasses who is speaking in a mocking Indian accent, according to the BBC.

The video discusses a standoff between India and China over the border they share, as India opposes China's plan of extending a border road.

Xinhua posted the video, entitled 7 Sins of India, which is taken from chat show The Spark on Wednesday (August 16).

It starts with presenter Dier Wang listing China's issues with India over the border, whilst the Chinese actor makes comments in between and canned laughter is played.

Later the actor points scissors at another actor who is seemingly supposed to represent Bhutan, which apparently references the claim that India is bullying the nation.

It seems this video is deliberately intended for a foreign audience as it is in English and has been posted on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, all of which are banned in China.

Indian newspaper The Hindustan Times called the video "a racist video parodying Indians" that "particularly targets the Sikh minority."

Meanwhile news outlet The Quint claimed the footage was "yet another attempt by Chinese media to push its aggressive rhetoric on the standoff."

Many on social media also commented on the video, with some calling it unbelievable and shocking.

Watch the video below


#TheSpark: 7 Sins of India. It’s time for India to confess its SEVEN SINS.

— China Xinhua News (@XHNews) August 16, 2017