WATCH Comedian Lee Nelson interrupt Theresa May's speech at Tory Party Conference with P45

Man interrupts Theresa May's speech at Tory Party Conference with P45

A man climbed onto the stage and handed her a P45

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Comedian Lee Nelson interrupted Theresa May's speech on Wednesday by climbing onto the stage and handing her a P45 - the latest disruption by critics and protesters during this year's Tory Party Conference. 

The Prime Minister was in the middle of her keynote address at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester when the interruption happened. 

Nelson - a known prankster whose real name Simon Brodkin - handed her the paper, causing her to stumble over her words before the individual was removed from the stage. 

May, however, then regathered her composure, saying there was only one person she wished to hand a P45 and that was Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader.

Nonetheless the disruption continued, with May forced to ensure cries of "out, out, out" from the audience.

Footage of the incident was posted by several users on Twitter, with anti-Brexit newspaper The New European among those to upload clips.

Prior to the incident, the Prime Minister had apologised for her performance in the 2017 General Election campaign. 

She admitted the party's efforts under her direction had been "too scripted, too presidential", allowing the Labour Party to portray the Conservatives as "the voice of continuity" as opposed to "the voice of change."

May also told EU migrants they are welcome in the UK, after feverish recent debate about their status in Britain after Brexit.

The election result wiped out the Tory majority in Parliament and forced a deal with the Democratic Unionists to remain in power.