WATCH: Coronation Street comes to talkRADIO

WATCH: Coronation Street actors Connor McIntyre and Dan Brocklebank on the soap and their characters

The stars of the Cobbles join Paul Ross in the studio

Friday, May 27, 2016

Coronation Street actors Connor McIntyre and Dan Brocklebank joined Paul Ross in the studio for a chat about their time on the soap. 

The stars of the cobbles came onto the Paul Ross Full Set Breakfast ahead of the British Soap Awards this weekend, and they told our host all about their characters. 

McIntyre plays Pat Phelan, who has been involved in plots to blackmail and blacklist other people on the Street.

"They've developed a real three-dimensional character," he told Paul. "He's so mobile, he's so slippy.

"Most of the feedback I get is 'I know someone like him'. He's a real credit to the storyliners, the scriptwriters, and the cast you work with."

Brocklebank, who portrays vicar Billy Mayhew, explained why his storylines at the beginning were more straightforward than McIntyre's.

"He's [Mayhew] an all-round nice guy," he said. "This is the first time they've had a long running vicar on the show, and it takes a while to develop a character. 

"If you're a baddie, you can come in with a big storyline, whereas with someone you're meant to care about, you have to be on the street for some time before you get trusted with a big storyline.

"Otherwise the audience just don't care." 

The British Soap Awards take place on Saturday (28 May) and will be screened on ITV on Sunday evening (8-10pm). 

Click the picture above to watch Paul's conversation with the Corrie stars.