Watch Donald Trump supporter Tomi Lahren endure car crash interview with Daily Show host Trevor Noah

The Internet goes into meltdown over an interview between staunch Republican Tomi Lahren and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah

Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Twitter has gone insane after a confrontation between a staunch Republican and America's leading talk show host. 

Tomi Lahren - a hardline conservative who presents a show on conservative news outlet TheBlaze - went onto The Daily Show to defend her views on Black Lives Matter and a number of other issues.  

In the astonishing interview with host Trevor Noah, she made a number of comments like "I don't see colour" in defence of her comments. 

Noah had little truck for Lahren's claims and the interviewee endured a torrid time, much to the amusement of many viewers.

Twitter has gone into meltdown over the interview, which has gone viral on the internet - check out the full interview here: