WATCH Drunk US passenger thrown off Tokyo-LA flight for brawling and choking attendant

The passenger, in red, can be seen brawling in a video posted on YouTube

The man was arrested for choking an airline official

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

An American man has been arrested after a fist-fight with a fellow passenger on a flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles.

The man, whose identity has not been released, was detained after trading blows with the other passenger as the Boeing 777 waited to take off. Officials have confirmed he was drunk.

The brawl broke out at around 6pm local time on Monday. The man was thrown off the All Nippon Airways flight, although a police spokesman cited by Japan Today says he was actually arrested for choking an airline official who tried to restrain him, rather than for the skirmish.

Footage of the incident has been uploaded to YouTube by gossip site TMZ. The man can be seen in a red Hawaiian shirt, trading blows with a man in a black shirt. One of them is heard to shout "f*** you, dude" and the aggressor also apparently shouts "America." 

After the man in the red shirt is pulled away, he returns to confront the other passenger, before they are separated again.

Passenger Corey Hour, who recorded footage of the incident, told the BBC: "The plane was about 50 minutes late, so everyone was a little irritated because of that, kinda frustrated.

"The flight attendants actually got caught up in the mix and that's when the video ends as I put my phone down and I actually got in the middle of everyone and confronted him."

Footage of the incident can be seen here.