WATCH Escaped pig causes travel chaos in London

This little piggy's on his way home from the market - escaped pig causes travel chaos in London

The incident happened in east London (Credit: Twitter @simonstarjoy)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

It takes a lot to surprise the people of London, but not even the world's most cynical community could fail to raise an eyebrow at this.

Motorists on the A12 in Redbridge, East London, were forced to take a detour due to a daredevil pig, who escaped his handlers and raced out into traffic.

I've seen raccoons on the Central line, foxes have ridden the tube home from work, Sky put an animatronic polar bear down there to promote one of their dramas... but this is something else.

Video footage on Twitter shows the fugitive swine running with wild abandon in front of a bus. A jogger and police officers try to stop him, but the pig is having none of it. 

Naturally the video went viral within minutes of surfacing on social media.

This little piggy's clearly on his way home from the market. He's going wee, wee, wee all the way home.