WATCH: Family, fight and internet trolls - Katie Piper on the importance of inner-strength

Family, fight and internet trolls - Katie Piper on the importance of inner-strength

Katie Piper says family support was a huge help in her recovery

Friday, June 3, 2016

TV presenter Katie Piper joined Paul Ross in the studio to chat about the importance of inner-strength in overcoming adversity ... and the best way to find it.

The model, who yesterday opened the Ideal Home Show in Manchester, has become a powerful advocate for burns victims following an acid attack organised by her then partner in 2008 which left her with facial disfigurements and blind in one eye.

She chose to waive her right to anonymity in an attempt to increase public awareness of burns victims and their treatments. 

She told listeners that her on-going recovery from the attack has uncovered previously unknown qualities.

"It made me realise I never understood what inner-strength really was," she told Paul Ross.

"It's in each and every one of us - we've just got to tap into it.

"Until we're tested, we don't know."

The charity founder and author has recently been carrying out research which showed that strong family ties can be a huge help in building self-belief. 

"I wasn't surprised to see some of the top things [that interviewees mentioned as helping with confidence] were a family bond and ties," she said. "This was a big thing for me. 

"Aside from the counselling and the medical help, having [a supportive] family network helped me do it for them when I couldn't do it for myself."

The presenter explained how her new-found self-confidence is valuable in day-to-day life, not least on social media.

"I know I could go onto Twitter and Facebook and feel good enough about myself, my life and appearance, to ignore 'John from Scarborough' or whoever wants to say [bad things].

"I've got to the inner-strength where it's irrelevant to me, but it wasn't easy. It took me eight years.

"There's something there about self-belief, believing you're worth it. Sometimes it's important to be assertive and not to be trampled on."

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