WATCH: Fighter from Manchester plays Ariana Grande song in Raqqa after forces drive Isis out

WATCH: Voluntary soldier plays Ariana Grande song after forces liberate Raqqa in Syria

Michael Enright played an Ariana Grande song

Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Hollywood actor who is voluntarily fighting against Isis in Syria played an Ariana Grande song after militants were driven out of Raqqa.

The moment was captured on video after the Arab-Kurdish alliance of Syrian Democratic Forces, funded by the US, and Kurdish YPG soldiers took back Islamic State's de facto capital last week.

Michael Enright has appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean and CSI, but decided to fight with the Kurdish YPG in 2015 after Isis killed Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh.

In the video Enright is seen near Naim Square which is in the centre of Raqqa. He is holding both a phone to play the music as well as an AK-47, according to Business Insider UK.

The area was previously used by Isis fto film beheadings and record tank parades as part of the group's propaganda effort.

He explained that he thought Ariana Grande should "be the first one to sing" because "I'm from Manchester and they came to my city, they came to my city, and they tried to shut up Ariana Grande."

The song he played was Bang Bang and he spoke out to Isis in the video by saying: "So you didn't shut her up, and you didn't shut my city up, but she's singing 'Bang Bang', and you know what happened? I came and we did 'bang bang', and you left, you ran away, and so light is coming here now, freedom is coming back here now, singing is coming back here now."

He ended the statement by saying it was Grande's first concert there, whilst winking, before saying "god bless."

Watch the video below