WATCH Giant robot Donald Trump crush helpless Mexicans before being beaten by a chicken

Giant robot Donald Trump robot is defeated by a chicken in viral video

Donald Trump

Friday, November 4, 2016

A video of a giant robot with the face of Donald Trump crushing immigrants on a frontier wall in Mexico has gone viral.

The film is directed by Uruguayan Alejandro Damiani and has had half a million hits on YouTube.

Entitled M.A.M.O.N Latino vs Donald Trump, it features a giant robot with what seems to have Donald Trump's face stomping over the wall with Mexico to deal with a bunch of rebellious Mexicans - with extreme prejudice.

The robot comes over the wall and starts crushing and shooting people and generally causing maybe. Then a man in a sombrero arrives singing with a guitar, (no, we don't know why either) however he is shot too.

Not even a diplomat can stop the robot, but the Trump monster is finally stopped by another robot which looks like the Virgin Mary.

A chicken (yes, really) is seen towards the end of the video on top of the destroyed robot, quite amazing considering the size difference.

This in turn results in the death of Donald Trump himself, who was inside the robot, after doctors fail to save him.

Watch the video below