WATCH Man tries to impersonate Michael Jackson - and breaks his neck

WATCH Man knocked unconscious after backflip goes wrong during Michael Jackson impersonation

The man attempted the backflip during a Michael Jackson impersonation

Friday, February 3, 2017

A man in China ended up with a broken neck when his attempt to join a Michael Jackson impersonation routine went horribly wrong.

The man was knocked unconscious and had to be removed from the dance floor, Ultimas Noticias reported.

The Michael Jackson impersonator was dancing to Smooth Criminal when the incident happened in China, with several others standing around him watching.

The man planning to steal the show used a chair in order to complete his trick, however it moved as he leant on it, causing him to hit the floor.

The fate of the man is not known, however some reports suggest he could have ended up with an extremely serious injury.

Watch the video below