WATCH Manchester United fan climbs onto roof of City's Etihad stadium as a prank

Adam Marr and his mates went to great lengths to troll their rivals

Adam Marr and his mates went further than no United fan has gone before (Youtube/AdamMarr111)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

An intrepid Manchester United fan managed to climb the roof of arch-rivals Manchester City's Etihad Stadium - and the footage has already gone viral.

Adam Marr, 24, filmed himself and a group of friends scaling the roof of the stadium on the night of August 26, in a stunt apparently designed to wind up City fans.

Marr is a devotee of parkour, a form of extreme running which challenges participants to climb and jump over obstacles in everyday urban environments. And he used this knowledge to climb over the perimeter walls of the stadium before getting inside and finding the ladder which leads to the roof - filming everything as he went.

The video shows Marr and his friends on the roof - with the daredevils going right out to the edge and dangling their feet over the stadium. Not something you'd catch the talkRADIO team doing, we can guarantee you that.

Eventually Marr and his gang are seen back in the main body of the stadium, whereupon they are accosted by members of City's security staff.

He told The Mirror: "I think we got very lucky, we managed to spot an open door and just went for it. We were noticed almost instantly, security were onto us after about two minutes but we're quite fast and good at what we do so still we carried on and made it to the roof without being stopped."

Marr and his cohorts have been banned from the Etihad Stadium for life - but he said "it was amazing – you can't put money on an experience like that.

"While I primarily did it for the views and the experience, I'm a United fan so it was nice to 'conquer' our rivals in another way.

"I've had a City experience that no Blues fan has had, which is quite funny and one I will happily rub in the faces of my mates who are City supporters.

"We all have life time bans from the City stadium after spending over an hour talking with police and the security there. I think they could see we weren't there to damage anything or cause any trouble we just wanted to see the ground from another perspective."

Watch the video below: