WATCH Mexican political party smash up Donald Trump piñata at Christmas party

Party of the Democratic Revolution smashes up a Donald Trump piñata at their Christmas party

Donald Trump

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Politicians from the Party of the Democratic Revolution in Mexico have smashed up a Donald Trump piñata.

The Party of Democratic Revolution, Mexico's biggest left-wing party, used a long pole to hit the piñata, knocking its legs off AND continuing to hit it for longer than was strictly necessary.

Footage of the event, which happened during their Christmas party on Tuesday night, has been posted online. 

Leader of the party Miguel Barbosa told Spanish newspaper El País: "[Things like the piñata] are popular and spontaneous forms of expressing the rejection that we have toward Trump.

"We must not take it as a provocation but as it was, a Christmas pre-fiesta that showed the rejection and a way of thinking of many Mexicans."

View the footage of the politicians and the piñata below