WATCH New Zealand earthquake leaves cows stranded on their own brand-new island

WATCH Three cows left stranded as ground around them gives way in New Zealand earthquake

The cows were left stranded after the earthquake

Monday, November 14, 2016

After the New Zealand earthquake, two cows and a calf have been left stranded on a tiny patch of ground left standing amid the devastation.

The country was hit by 7.5 magnitude earthquake just after midnight on Monday, and strong aftershocks have continued.

The animals were luckily left standing in one spot, as the ground around them gave way.

In a video published by Sky News, they can be seen watching the camera circle around them, as it flies above.

View the stranded cows below


Two cows and a calf have been cut off by the New Zealand earthquake after the ground around them gave way

— Sky News (@SkyNews) November 14, 2016