WATCH Over 1,000 dancing robots form huge flash mob in China

More than 1,000 robots break world record by taking part in dance-off

It seems robots have some good moves (Stock image)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

If you think you've got two left feet, you might want to take a look at these incredible dancing robots to pick up some moves.

The dancing droids have broken the Guinness Record for robots boogying simultaneously, as the company who made them wanted to demonstrate their abilities.

Chinese company WL Intelligent Tech were able to get 1,069 of their F8 Dobi Intelligent Humanoid Voice Control Multifunction RCs dancing together, according to W Radio. And yes, they all did 'The Robot'.

Each of the robots are worth £254 and are fitted with artificial intelligence so that they can interact with people.

Unfortunately not all of the robots made it through the performance due to falling over or 'technical issues' - which sounds like a wonderful excuse to use next time we embarrass ourselves on Friday night.

Despite the numbers dropping, the company was still able to beat the previous record of 1,007 robots, which is both pointless and utterly brilliant.

Take a look at the dance below, the robots certainly have some style.