WATCH: Santa on motorbike chases down hit and run driver

Santa on motorbike chases down hit and run driver

It seems Santa is doing more than delivering presents this year (Stock image)

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

To warm up for his Christmas Eve present marathon, it seems Santa has decided to become a vigilante for the day... and dump his sleigh in favour of a motorbike.

YouTuber Chris RS was out filming on his motorbike in the city dressed as Father Christmas when he saw an elderly pedestrian get knocked over by a car.

The driver of the car did not stop to help, so the man decided to take matters into his own hands and chase him... whilst his camera was still filming.

The dangerous road chase continued until the YouTuber was able to tell two police officers what had happened.

The officers ordered the woman from her car and even pointed a gun at her to ensure she did so, according to The Local.

At the end of the video Chris RS is seen parking his bike alongside the police, and it is thought that he gave the video to authorities before posting it online.

Take a look at the video below