WATCH: 'Spiderman' daredevil clings to side of speeding subway train in New York

WATCH: Man clings on to side of moving subway train in New York

The video was filmed on a New York subway train (Stock image)

Monday, September 25, 2017

A video of a man holding on to the outside of a subway train in New York as it travels through tunnels has been posted online - and he definitely doesn't look comfortable.

In the footage his face can be seen pressed against the window in the door whilst his t-shirt is blown around.

The caption on the video describes the man's face as showing that he thinks he "made a big mistake."

The man filming the incident calls the situation a "gangster" thing to do and the video was uploaded by Instagram user subwaycreatures yesterday (September 24).

However it is not clear when or where the wild ride happened, according to the New York Post.

Watch the video below



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