WATCH Vicious brawl breaks out on Southwest Airlines flight in Burbank, California

The brawl took place on the runway at Burbank

The brawl took place as passengers were de-planing

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It's not a great time to be an airline PR executive right now.

After United Airlines faced a firestorm of criticism over its brutal treatment of David Dao, and Delta Airlines was upbraided for kicking a California family off a flight, now Southwest Airlines has added to the roll of dishonour, after footage of a brutal fisfight emerged on social media.

However it seems Southwest staff had little or nothing to do with the brawl, which took place as people were disembarking in Burbank, California.

The footage sees two men jostling with one another before one of the man lands a series of punches on the other. Attendants bravely try to intervene and pull the combatants apart.

Southwest has said one man received minor injuries in the scuffle, which the other, whose named has been reported as Chaze Mickalo Cable, has been arrested for misdemeanour battery.

Southwest has praised its staff in the wake of the incident, saying: "Our employees are our everyday heroes and are trained to de-escalate conflict while delivering heartfelt hospitality on nearly 4,000 flights to nearly the half-million customers who fly Southwest every day."

Watch the video here: