WATCH Video shows Isis flag being lowered as Kurdish troops drive jihadists from Taqba

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A newly published video shows the black flag of Islamic State being lowered in Taqba, after Kurdish troops reportedly drove the militants from almost all of the strategically vital city.

A spokesperson for Ghadab al-Furat, a Kurdish group fighting under the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), claims its fighters have reclaimed 90% of the city, which is in Syria's Raqqa province and around 55km from Raqqa city, Isis' main bastion in the country.

Now a video has circulated online showing fighters climbing a ladder to release the Isis flag, sending it fluttering the ground.

The flag also shows female fighters marching through Taqba, with soldiers pledging to liberate the entire town and create democratic assemblies.

The video proudly claims to have avoided harming any civilians - despite Isis using human shields - and thanks "our Russian and US friends" for their assistance.

The video ends with the vow: "Next stop - Raqqa'.

Footage of the video can be seen here.

Isis has been steadily retreating over recent months, losing vast swathes of the territory it claimed during a series of lightning offensives in 2014. However the group's stronghold in Raqqa city remains intact. 

Much of the fighting in northern Syria has been done by Kurdish milita groups, including the feared all-women battalions known as the YPJ.