Watford legends Luther Blissett and Nigel Gibbs pay tribute to Graham Taylor

Luther Blissett and Nigel Gibbs pay tribute to Graham Taylor after manager's death

Graham Taylor at a training session ahead of his first England match

Friday, January 13, 2017

Former footballers Luther Blissett and Nigel Gibbs have paid tribute to Graham Taylor in the wake of his passing. 

The former England manger, who led the national team from 1990 to 1993, died of a suspected heart attack yesterday (Thursday). He was 72 years old.

Both Blissett and Gibbs player under Taylor when he was managing Watford Football Club.

Blissett reflected on his style of management and legacy.

He said: "As a man, he was honest, straight-talking. You'd know - in no uncertain terms - what he was demanding from you, and he'd help you to acheive that. 

"He was a real family man, and if not for Graham Taylor, Watford would not be the club it is today. That is his legacy at the club."

Gibbs told Paul Ross about the faith that he'd place in his players. 

He explained: "It was a big part of his way of working that the family came first. He knew all the wives' names, the children, the parents. That was really important to him.

"He was a real gentlemen, and he'd trust you. He gave me my debut when I was 18 years and three days, and he believed in me. 

"That was just one of his qualities."