'We can't let fascists like the EDL dictate narrative of the terror attack', says journalist

'We can't let far-right facist groups dictate the narrative of the terror attack', says journalist

More armed police are on the streets of the UK

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

We cannot allow far-right groups like the English Defence League dictate the narrative of the aftermath of the Manchester terror attack, according to a Manchester journalist.

Footage has been released showing local people condemning a group of EDL protesters who had gathered outside the Arndale Shopping Centre yesterday (May 23).

Andrew Greaves, head of journalism at News Associates, told Sam Delaney that for every clip showing incidents like that, there are other clips of all faiths handing out free food and drink at the vigils.

He added that the streets of Manchester seem more normal and noisy today, even though the national threat level has been raised, whereas yesterday they were quiet.

Greaves added that he has noticed an increased presence of armed officers, and finds the sight surreal. He also believes tension will be at a knife-edge over the weekend nationwide, due to major sporting events taking place.

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