'We must find out whether politicians are using hate speech to gain support for Brexit', says professor

'We need to find out whether politicians are using hate speech in order to gain support', says professor

Amber Rudd's speech is being treated as a hate incident

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The professor who reported Amber Rudd to police says we must beware politicians using inflammatory speech to gain support for Brexit.

West Midlands Police have said they treated a speech made by Rudd last year at the Conservative Party conference as a “hate incident,” after a complaint. During the speech, Rudd suggested rules allowing firms to recruit from overseas should be tightened. The Home Office insists the speech did not amount to a hate crime.

Oxford University professor Joshua Silver, who made the complaint to the police, told Sam Delaney: "I didn’t report the matter saying it was a hate crime, I wouldn’t be that arrogant. What I said was they should look into it to see if it possibly was a hate crime.

"My aim is to really see whether certain politicians have been using what could be hate speech to bolster support amongst the British people for us leaving the EU.

"Britain’s known as a tolerant country, and then suddenly you find all this terrible stuff being mouthed by certain politicians and it changes the nature of the country and you have to ask why."

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