We must stay and fight Jeremy Corbyn if he wins Labour leadership contest, says Blairite pressure group

'If Labour gets itself together we can come back into government quite quickly', says Labour's Progress

The winner of the Labour leadership contest will be revealed tomorrow (Getty)

Friday, September 23, 2016

A leading Blairite pressure group has said the centrist faction within the Labour Party must "stay and fight" Jeremy Corbyn if he wins the leadership contest.

Richard Angell, director of the Progress group, savaged Corbyn and his supporters for "the abuse towards women MPs" and "the anti-semitism that is sadly sometimes commonplace within the party." He also accused Corbyn of "never actually having a plan" and lamented the fact that Ken Livingstone has yet to be expelled from the party. 

Angell also said Labour must "aim for power" rather than being a pressure group, and claim the party's supporters "are not getting a good deal" under the present leader.

However Angell said the centrists will continue to contribute to the party, and suggested it wouldn't be too difficult for Labour returned to government.

"We've got to stay, this is all of our Labour party, we've got the have a comradely debate," Angell said. "We can't give up on it because the hard left have taken control for just 12 months.

"It's a very small change Labour need to make from where Ed Miliband was before, to actually be able to take this country back with the consent of British voters.

"If Labour gets itself together, focuses on the issues the public care about, we can come back into government quite quickly, it's not a difficult task."

The ballot has closed for members to vote in Labour's election. Tomorrow the winner will be revealed, either current leader Jeremy Corbyn or Owen Smith, following this the Labour Conference will begin on Sunday. 

Progress are made up of Labour members who promote radical and progressive politics. Richard Angell, the director of the organisation revealed his thoughts on the future of the party to Jonny Gould and Ash. 

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