We need to examine whether Michael Flynn was acting on Donald Trump's orders, says political commentator

Michael Flynn resignation: "We need to examine if he was acting on Donald Trump's orders," says political commentator

Michael Flynn resigned after it emerged he'd discussed Russian sanctions with the ambassador before Donald Trump took office

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A leading political commentator has demanded an investigation into whether Michael Flynn was acting on Donald Trump's orders regarding his conduct over Russia.

The former US National Security Adviser resigned on Monday over allegations he discussed US sanctions with Russia before Donald Trump officially took office.

Flynn initially denied this, backed up by Vice President Mike Pence, but eventually admitted the topic had come up once details of a phone call with the Russian ambassador were leaked to US media.

Karin Robinson, the former Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad, said there had to be an "aggressive" investigation into whether he was acting on Mr Trump's orders in an interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer. 

She said: "What fascinates me is for someone who used to be head of national security and intelligence, he seemed spectacularly ignorant of how it works.

"It’s just a fact that calls for high-level addresses are recorded. The only explanations that make sense to me is that he was ignorant and thoughtless or he was acting on the president’s orders, which we need to look into aggressively.

"Something very rotten is happening in the administration, and it does not rest entirely with Michael Flynn."

She went onto to highlight how deeply unsettling this was. 

She explained: "Obama imposed sanctions for specific reasons - to stop Russia from continuing to interfere in American policy.

"The sanctions were trying to punish that, only [for Russia] to be told to essentially 'carry on doing what you're doing once Trump took over.'

"Trump’s handing over American sovereignty and security to the Russian intelligence service and that can’t be a good thing."