'We saw the real Jeremy Corbyn yesterday - and it was a disaster' says former Tony Blair advisor

Labour national wage cap: 'We saw the authentic Jeremy Corbyn yesterday', says former Tony Blair advisor

Jeremy Corbyn at an NHS rally

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A former advisor to Tony Blair has delivered a damning verdict on Jeremy Corbyn following his u-turn over a national wage cap. 

During a speech intended to 'reboot' his leadership, Corbyn announced a series of policies which raised eyebrows, notably a wage cap on high-earners and a claim that Labour is not "wedded" to freedom of movement.

Since then, he's done a u-turn, abandoning the wage cap policy and backtracking on his comments about migration.

Matthew Doyle, a special advisor who worked for Tony Blair, called the whole affair "an odd sequence of events".

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer: “There will be a lot of staffers with their head in their hands, when this whole charade stated.

"The upside is we saw the authentic Jeremy yesterday. The downside is Labour is in serious trouble.

“In opposition, ultimately, all you have is words. Being on message is so much more important. That’s why yesterday was such a disaster.

"The Labour Party is stuck at the moment, frankly, with Jeremy as leader."

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