We want 'total animal liberation' in 40 years, says vegan activist

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A vegan activist has called for an end to "animal agriculture", adding that he hopes the world will make the transition to veganism in the next 40 years.

Matthew McKeefry, a campaigner with Direct Action Everywhere, appeared on the drivetime show to discuss a protest organised by the group at a Waitrose store in Brighton last week, in which vegan protesters blocked the meat aisle of the supermarket.

Mr McKeefry, who holds the role of international marketing coordinator with the campaign group, told Eamonn Holmes: "We want to achieve total animal liberation in one human generation, so within 40 years we believe it's possible to abolish animal agriculture and end speciesism.

"At this time of the year the mainstream narrative is one of peace and being with our families, but for 10 million turkeys in the UK that's not the case.



"We want to remind the public of these 10 million individuals who wil be violently killed this year."

Addressing the Waitrose protest, at which the police had to be called, Mr KcKeefry added: "Waitrose talked about having high welfare standards on their farms. We don't believe there's a right way to do the wrong thing.

"The public have a right to know what's happening, because we aren't taught to think about what's happening to animals."

The campaigner added that people who ate meat needed to "recognise" that cows were "individuals", like dogs and humans.

"They have personalities, they have their own likes and dislikes, they're not objects, they're someone. They deserve to be respected," he said.