Weak and wobbly? Tory advertising van blown over by wind on M6

Conservatives advertising van blown over by wind on M6

Theresa May's billboard was knocked over (Stock image)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Conservative advertising van blew over in the wind, causing those on social media to mock the "strong and stable" slogan.

The van was driving north along the M6, between Lymm and Woolston, when strong winds knocked the billboard over on its side, according to The Independent.

The billboard said: "For the best Brexit deal vote Conservative on 8th June."

The accident caused a fuel spillage and delays to other drivers, but no one was hurt in the incident.

Emergency services arrived on the scene and a 30mph speed limit was put in place for other motorists.

Labour councillor Faisal Rashid told local paper The Warrington Guardian: "It seems as though the fate of this wagon is telling us all something.

"Clearly it is neither strong nor stable and is a symbol of Theresa May and the Tories' weak and wobbly campaign."

Others on social media also made comments. One said: "May's weak and wobbly campaign's crashed, an overturned Tory 'best Brexit deal' ad van shutting the M6. It's a sign."