Welfare system must be rebuilt to end ‘hostility’, says Labour

Welfare system must be rebuilt to end ‘hostility’, says Labour

Monday, September 24, 2018

The Labour Party wants to end the “hostile environment” created for disabled people, the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary said as she pledged a wide-ranging review.

Margaret Greenwood said her party will look to develop proposals for a welfare system based on “respect rather than distrust and stigma”.

She also added that a Labour government would scrap the “heartless” sanctions regime, which can result in claimants being docked money if they fail to meet certain conditions.

Ms Greenwood also urged the Government to stop the roll-out of Universal Credit, and “fix its many flaws”.

Speaking at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool, Ms Greenwood said: "We will rebuild our social security system from the principles on which it was founded.

"Supporting people rather than policing them and alleviating poverty rather than exacerbating it.

"Instead of punishing people, we will empower them."


‘We will end the hostile environment’

Ms Greenwood added: "We are ambitious for our country and for all of our people.

"That is why today I am promising a complete change of direction.

"We will end the hostile environment that the Tories have created by completely overhauling our social security system.

"We will rebuild it and restore dignity at its heart.

"The scale of our ambition means we cannot do it alone.

"Over the coming months we will be inviting submissions from across the country.