'We're prioritising transgender feelings over the safety of women and girls' says Dr Nicola Williams


Monday, September 24, 2018

A spokesperson from women's and girl's rights group, Fair Play to Women, has claimed that expelling two Girlguiding leaders who raised concerns over their organisation's transgender policy is 'prioritising transgender feelings over the safety of women and girls'.

Dr Nicola Williams appeared on the breakfast show to discuss the news that two Girl Guide leaders, Helen Watts and another unnamed group leader, were expelled and had their units closed down after opposing a new Girlguiding policy, which states leaders should not disclose to girls or their parents if someone in the group used to be male.

"The issue is that a trans girl is a male child. I don't say that to be unkind, I say that because it's factual and when it comes to risk assessing for safety towards girls, we have to know and take into account someone's biological sex," Dr Williams said.



"I've got huge compassion for any child that goes through gender identity confusion, but I've also got compassion for the girls that then have to sleep, or wash or undress with what is a male child.

"Because parents are not being informed, this goes against every basic principal of informed parental consent. And that's what Helen Watts was concerned about because as a leader, it meant that she was not allowed to tell the parents what was actually going to happen on camp. As a parent would you want to know if your daughter was going to be sleeping in the presence of a male child?. I think the answer for everyone is yes."

A total of 12 Girlguiding leaders signed an open letter opposing the policy in April.

Dr Williams told Hartley-Brewer that the move to expel the pair was "prioritising transgender feelings over the safety of women and girls".

"We have to balance the feelings of girls and the trans community. We can't forget that biological sex exists," she said.