Wes Streeting MP on no-confidence vote: This is ‘the most grotesque example of party before country’

Wes Streeting MP on no confidence vote: This is ‘the most grotesque example of party before country’

Labour MP Wes Streeting speaks to talkRADIO's Matthew Wright about the no-confidence vote

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Labour MP Wes Streeting has described the no-confidence vote as “the most grotesque example of party before country”.

The MP for Ilford North told talkRADIO’s Matthew Wright: “I am working on the assumption that Theresa May will probably survive but she will diminished in stature and authority.

“That is why it is extraordinary that Conservative MPs have chosen to plunge not just the Conservative Party but the Government and country into crisis.

“This has been my frustration with Brexit all along. It has always been about the politics of the Conservative Party – the decision to hold the referendum, the psycho-drama of Boris Johnson and David Davis walking out on the Prime Minister over Chequers.

“This is probably the most grotesque example of party before country I have seen in modern political history.”



Theresa May speaking at Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday afternoon

Streeting added that the Prime Minister had become “stubborn rather than resilient”.

“There was a moment where Theresa May came out to do her speech and I thought that she clearly has come out as hard as nails.

“The problem is that Theresa May’s strength, which is resilience, has become her major weakness.

“She has become stubborn rather than resilient. She does not listen to MPs. We told her before she went to negotiate the exit deal that the Chequers agreement, the basis for any negotiations, did not have the support of MPs.

“She has come back with something worse.”