Westminster attack: Muslims must ask why terrorists keep misusing their religion, says London rabbi

Westminster: 'Muslims have to ask why the religion is being misused, courage is important', says rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

A rabbi has said Muslims need to have the courage to ask how their faith has been misused (Stock photo)

Friday, March 31, 2017

A leading rabbi has said it is important for Muslims to ask why their faith is being warped to commit acts of terrorism. 

Jonathan Wittenberg spoke to talkRADIO about last Wednesday's attacks on Westminster, which saw Muslim convert Khalid Masood kill four people. Earlier this week, Tory peer Matt Ridley wrote in The Times that we must be free to criticise Islam in the light of such attacks, without being branded islamophobes.

Wittenberg told Carole Malone he agreed with Ridley, saying "if somebody in the name of a faith or an ideology does something terrible once, you say 'well, that's them.' But this has happened repeatedly.

"There is a question for Islam: why is the religion being so misused and so abused by so many. It's an important conversation and it does require courage."

Wittenberg suggested a "culture of self-criticism" is "urgently needed" within Islam, and people of other faiths must encourage Muslims in adopting such an attitude.

He added that the problem with Islamist terror “is analogous in some way to the sex scandals revealed in the church.

"To ensure the best comes from religion, you have to curb the tendencies to worship themselves."

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