Westminster attacks: Restaurant owner Ibrahim Dogus explains why he fed hundreds of workers for free

Restaurant owner speaks to Paul Ross about his efforts to help emergency services after Westminster attack

Ibrahim Dogus fed hundreds of emergency service workers for free

Monday, March 27, 2017

In the wake of the attack on Westminster, all kinds of people did what they could to help.

But one man has been highly praised for his part in helping the emergency services who worked to restore order in central London.

Ibrahim Dogus is the owner of Troia restaurant on Belvedere Road, directly beside Westminster Bridge.Following the attack, he and his staff fed hundreds of emergency service personnel for free.

He told Paul Ross: "On the day of the disaster, the police officers cordoned off a whole area.

"I run three different restaurants on the same road. At one point, I realised the officers had acted so selflessly, and I realised they hadn't got anywhere to go when they needed somewhere warm, for food or drink. 

"I told the officers I better keep this place open so the officers would use the services here, and they did."

Listen above.