Westminster terror attack: Eyewitness describes shock and confusion as Parliament reels from double assault

Westminster attack: 'The atmosphere is of shock and concern, many are confused', says eyewitness

An attack has taken place in Westminster

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

An eyewitness to today's terror attacks in Westminster has described the shock and concern which engulfed central London after the two-pronged assault.

A car mowed down several pedestrians on Westminster Bridge while an attacker wielding a knife attacked a policeman before being shot.

It is being reported that the two attacks were carried out by the same person, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Matt Chorley, editor of The Times Red Box, was present in the immediate aftermath of the attacks; He told Sam Delaney: "You get used to the idea that it's safe [where you work].

"Occasionally there are stories about terrorist incidents, but it's the place you go to work.

"I think the atmosphere is of real shock and concern and obviously people confused about exactly what happened. Everywhere you look there are more police arriving.

"I imagine there will be a massive change in the security arrangements in Parliament [after this]."

Chorley also spoke about how MPs, who remain locked in the Commons, found out about the incident.

He said: "[MPs] went down the escalators [towards Portcullis House] and were greeted at the bottom by two armed police.

"Then quite quickly MPs including minsters rushing towards them saying there's been shots fired." 

He believes the MPs are now being "let out in small groups" away from the incident. 

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