Westminster terror attack suspect named as Salih Khater

Westminster terror attack suspect named as Salih Khater

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The suspect who drove into barriers outside parliament in an attempted terror attack has been named as Salih Khater, according to Sky sources.

Khater is thought to be being questioned by police over yesterday's incident, where a car veered into pedestrians, injuring three people, before crashing into barriers outside the House of Lords. 

The crash happened just after 7.30am on August 14. 

There are several Facebook pages with the name Salih Khater, but the one believed to belong to the suspect has him listed as being a shop manager in Birmingham and an ex-student of the Sudan University of Science and Technology.

Police are searching three addresses in Birmingham and Nottingham. 

Sources said that the car, a silver Ford Fiesta, was registered in Nottingham and had had several previous owners. 

Scotland Yard said yesterday (August 14) that the suspect, who was arrested at the scene, was not co-operating with police.

He is believed to have been known to local police, but not counter-terrorism police or MI5.