Westminster terror attacks: 'This has shut London down - it sends a strong message'

'An incident where London shuts down carries a strong message', says professor

The incident has caused Parliament to go into lockdown

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A leading professor in policing and international security has said the incident currently unfolding at Westminster carries a strong message because of the impact it has had. 

Parliament went into lockdown after shots were fired outside of the Palace of Westminster. Reports suggest a car mowed down several people on Westminster Bridge, while a man was shot after stabbing a police officer.

The police have confirmed they are treating this as a terrorist incident.

Dr. Evan Lawrence, a professor in criminology and policing, politics and international relations at the University of Central Lancashire, said the full details won't be known for several hours.

She said: "The information’s starting to filter out, it won’t be until tomorrow until we get a full picture of what’s happened.

"There’s also the possibility it is to cause disruption and fear, also because this is a popular tourist destination.

"Even if an attack isn’t going to do much physical damage, certainly at this time of day, having London really shut down, that carries a strong message."