Wetherspoons slashes beer prices to promote Brexit

Friday, September 6, 2019

Pub chain J.D Wetherspoon has announced the price of a pint of beer is being cut by an average of 20p from today, in a bid to show how life might be after Brexit.

The food and drinks giant said the price cut is an example of how leaving the European Union’s customs union could reduce prices.

More than 600 pubs will sell a pint of Ruddles for £1.69, with another 160 cutting a further 10p from the price.

The company’s founder and chairman, Tim Martin, is a high-profile Brexit supporter, and told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham there are many “protectionist tariffs” that can be abolished should the UK leave the EU.

“A lot of politicians have misled the public by suggesting leaving the customs union would be a 'cliff edge' or 'disaster',” he said.

“This is the reverse of the truth. Ending tariffs will reduce prices.”

He said for some in Parliament and the Confederation of British Industry, the EU is a “quasi-religion and they’ve put that above democracy”.

The move is the latest Brexit-related marketing stunt for the company. The chain has also replaced European brands with English and Australian alternatives in recent months.

And in August last year, Mr Martin issued 500,000 pro-Brexit beer mats to be used in his pubs nationwide.

The mats were signed by the chairman, and said “Free Trade (ie no deal) means lower prices”.

Boris Johnson joined Mr Martin at a Wetherspoons during his leadership campaign in July.

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