Whale carcasses punctured to prevent them from exploding after hundreds die on New Zealand beach

Whale carcasses punctured to prevent them from exploding at New Zealand beach

Hundreds of whales became stranded on Friday

Monday, February 13, 2017

Pilot whale carcasses have been punctured by conservation officials at a New Zealand beach to prevent them exploding after hundreds died. 

The wales became stranded on Farewell Spit in Golden Bay last Friday (February 10) and although volunteers have been trying to keep them cool and refloat them around 400 have already died, CNN reported.

A spokeswoman for New Zealand's Department of Conservation, Trish Grant, said: "In the heat, the whales can explode, but we've taken steps to prevent that.

"Our staff has been puncturing the dead whales, using an implement that releases the gas [from inside their carcasses] that someone local has built for us."

Any dead whales will now be moved further up the beach to a location that is not open to the public.