What Donald Trump tweeted last night: 'I'm more truthful than the mainstream media and Europe supports travel ban'

Travel ban, Ivanka Trump, and Jeff Sessions - Donald Trump's latest Twitter update

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

If, like many of our readers, your European, then we've got news for you: you want to ban people from Muslim-majority states from entering your country.

If this comes as something of a surprise, you can rest assured it's true. Because Donald Trump told us so. And, if you want to question the word of Trump, remember that he's more reliable than the mainstream media.

At least, that's what Donald Trump tweeted last night. Yep, while you were sleeping, he was busy telling the world that what comes out of his administration's collective mouth is seen as more trustworthy than conventional media outlets, and a majority of EU states support the idea of a travel ban.

There's was also a tweet of congratulation for the lovable Jeff Sessions, and another dig at so-called 'fake news' outlets - which, given what you've just read, might seem slightly ironic.

As ever, we've rounded up the best of the tweets from last night, to bring you up to speed with the US President's latest nonsen.... sorry, informed and insightful opinion. 

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