What Donald Trump tweeted last night: Sheriffs are good, Democrats are bad, and Putin is a stranger

What Donald Trump tweeted last night: Vladimir Putin, National Sheriffs Association, and Democrats

The Donald loves a good tweet

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

While the people of Britain are tucked up in our beds dreaming of simpler, less dangerous times, Donald Trump is still beavering away, rattling off messages and memos left, right and centre.

Given the time difference between Britain and the US, our sleeping hours are mid-afternoon for the Donald, so it's highly likely we'll miss an explosive Twitter rant from him while we're getting our forty winks.

But don't worry, the people of talkRADIO have taken it upon ourselves to keep you up to date with the big man's nocturnal Twitter ramblings, bringing you a daily summary of the things you'll have missed while you were asleep.

Last night wasn't particularly eventful, but he still managed to send out a string of messages that would cause jaws to drop had they been sent by any other politician.

Here's a list of what he said: