What the heck is going on with Donald Trump's hair?

Many have theories about whether Donald Trump's hair is real or not
Hair transplant
Hair-growth drugs
Scalp-reduction surgery
A simple wig
Good ol-fashioned combover

Scroll through the gallery and see which theory sounds plausible - if any of them

Thursday, February 8, 2018

If anything, the footage of Donald Trump's bald spot which went viral this week has increased the mystery surrounding the President's hair.

As Trump was pictured climbing the steps of his plane, his hair billowing upwards to reveal a gaping expanse at the back of his head, it seemed the president had been rumbled once and for all.

But then claims surfaced that the footage was real. Doctor Alan Bauman, from hair restoration clinic Bauman Medical, said it's possible that the video had been altered.

And even if the footage is genuine, it raises all sorts of questions. Like: why is the President's hair so leonine at the front and so lacking at the back? And, if Donald really has been rocking a bird's nest for so long, why have we never seen it?

None of us can know for sure - but we've compiled some theories which might at least throw some light on the mystery. Click above to see them.