Who is George Papadopoulos? - The former Trump advisor who plead guilty to misleading FBI

Who is George Papadopoulos? - The former Trump advisor who plead guilty to misleading FBI

George Papadopoulos admitted to misleading the FBI (Stock image)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

George Papadopoulos has hit the headlines as part of the FBI's Russia investigation, but sadly a financial planner with the same name is getting abuse on Twitter.

The financial planner appears to have been angered by this as he tweeted "For the nth time, I am NOT Trump's foreign policy adviser! I have NO association with the Trump camp! NONE!"

So who is the real George Papadopoulos featured in the news this week? Well he's a former Donald Trump campaign advisor and has pleaded guilty to misleading the FBI, as the Russia investigation continues.

The FBI is trying to establish whether Trump's campaign had ties with Russia during the recent Presidential election and is already charging Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort on 12 counts, including conspiracy against the US.

Papadopoulos has admitted to lying to the agency about conversations with a Russian-linked operative who had claimed they had damaging information about Hillary Clinton. The operative is also said to have introduced Papadopoulos to other Russians who wanted to have discussions with Trump campaign members.

So, what's George Papadopoulos' story?

After graduating from DePaul University in 2009, he decided to move to London where he gained a master's degree in security studies at UCL's School of Public Policy. Following his education he went back to Washington to begin working for think tank the Hudson Institute, although he started as an unpaid intern.

Although the institute has said he was contracted to do research, it said he was "never a salaried employee." His last work for the think tank was in 2014, after this he worked for a company called Energy Stream which is a small oil and gas firm.

Before joining Trump's campaign in March last year, he previously worked for the Republican presidential primary candidate Ben Carson as a foreign policy advisor. Carson is now the secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

However despite working for Carson, it appears some don't seem to remember him. Carson's campaign manager Barry Bennett told TIME: "If there was any work output, I never saw it. It never ended up on my desk."

Carson's communications director Shermichael Singleton also told TIME: "I remember his name in emails, but I can't remember meeting him. I don't want to lie, maybe we did meet once or twice, but I don't remember it."

Although it doesn't sound good that it seems he wasn't remembered, perhaps he wishes he wasn't remembered for Trump's campaign now.

A former Trump campaign official has claimed whilst Papadopoulos was very involved in campaigning in the run up to the election, he was rarely at Trump Tower and did most of his work by email.

Papadopoulos was also interviewed by the Russian Interfax News Agency in September last year where he claimed that if Trump was elected the trust between America and Russia would be restored. He also suggested that sanctions imposed by the US on Russia have done very little.

Aside from being a part of the FBI's Russia investigation, Papadopoulos' LinkedIn page says he is now an independent oil, gas and policy consultant.