Who is Lee Nelson? Comedian who hijacked Theresa May's speech with a P45 has previously attacked Donald Trump and Sepp Blatter.

Who is Lee Nelson? The comedian who interrupted Theresa May's speech

Simon Brodkin tried to hand Theresa May a P45

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

It's not every day a political speech gets interrupted, but it's even more unusual when the interruption is actually a prank by a well-known comedian.

Theresa May's speech at the Conservative Party Conference was overshadowed by an unusual guest today, as a prankster tried to hand her a P45.

Whilst she did end up taking the piece of paper off him and swiftly putting it down, he was then quickly escorted from the venue.

The man behind the prank? Well of course as many on Twitter were quick to point out the likely culprit, it was in fact Simon Brodkin, better known as Lee Nelson.

Brodkin is well known for performing pranks on high-profile people. His latest victim is just one of a number of famous victims including Donald Trump and former BHS boss Sir Philip Green.

However Brodkin started out in a very different arena. He studied medicine at Manchester University and worked as a doctor until 2007. But then he decided to put down the stethoscope and pic up a mic instead, becoming a comedian full-time.

He was able to rise to fame with his character Lee Nelson, described by many as a "cheerful chav" but also known for being ignorant and not very sociable. The character also got him his own TV shows - Lee Nelson's Well Good Showin and Lee Nelson's Well Funny People.

Nelson is not a stranger to politics. In 2013 he stood as a candidate in the South Shields by-election, however he eventually withdrew from the race.

Despite many knowing him only as Lee Nelson, he then appeared as himself, Simon Brodkin, in Britain’s Greatest Hoaxer for Channel 4. This documentary finally showed how he had conducted several pranks, which had hit the headlines prior to the show.

The three pranks in the programme included throwing golf balls emblazed with swastikas at Donald Trump when he was in Scotland. You can see footage of that particular escapade here.



Then he interrupted a press conference by disgraced former Fifa president Sepp Blatter, showering him in banknotes. Apparently he was going to claim he was part of the North Korean delegation, but Blatter's security team dragged him off before he could do so.



He also named Sir Philip Green's yacht the "BHS Destroyer", interrupted Kanye West's performance at Glastonbury in 2015, auditioned as an orthodox Jew for Britain's Got Talent with an emotional song and jumped on the X Factor stage with the band Stereo Kicks.

In addition to Nelson, Brodkin has also developed a character called Jason Brent, and in this guise he  attempted to blend in with England’s World Cup squad in 2014 when they were at Luton Airport. However, police swiftly removed the imposter.

After Trump, Blatter and May, it's hard to think where Brodkin can go from here. He's already 'done' the biggest names in the world, so how can he top what he's already done?

Given what we know about Brodkin, we wouldn't bet against him doing it.