'Why isn't he humiliated like Diane Abbott?' Labour voters blast 'media bias' after Boris Johnson interview nightmare

Boris Johnson gives 'worst political interview ever' following Queen's Speech

Boris Johnson stumbled through an interview (Stock image)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Boris Johnson struggled through an interview after the Queen's Speech yesterday (June 21) and stumbled several times - leading Labour supporters to accuse the media of bias in their coverage.

In the interview with Eddie Mair, he kept saying “hang on a second” with sighs and pauses, according to The Independent.

The foreign secretary was asked about Theresa May's policy to fight racial discrimination in the criminal justice system, but, when Johnson replied, papers shuffling could be heard in the background.

He said: "Well there are measures, I believe in the bill in the courts which I think is supposed to address some of those issues.

“I think one thing in particular that we are looking at is measures to... hang on a second... there are all sorts of measures that we want to take to ensure that we do not discriminate against everybody.”

Mair went on to ask the MP about helping white working-class boys to go to university, but he avoided answering the question properly in his response.

The interview then turned to mental health care, but Johnson tried to go back to the previous question about university and answer it again.

The presenter criticised him, saying: “It’s not a Two Ronnies sketch. You can’t answer the question before last.” 

Later in the interview Mair asked what the point of our Prime Minister is, as she can't deliver the manifesto she put out. Johnson was unable to answer the question four times, before finally settling on an answer.

He said: "The point of the Prime Minister is to lead the country, to give a, er, lead on these key issues, and to take this Queen's Speech through. And she will, and she will do a great job."

After the interview former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott dubbed it "the worst interview by a politician ever," and Labour supporters asked why Boris had not suffered the media mauling meted out to Diane Abbott after her various interview nightmares recently.