'Why should Diane Abbott be sorry?' - Corbyn ally backed over use of N-word

'Why should Diane Abbott be sorry?' - Many stand with the Labour MP over use of N-word on live TV

Diane Abbott used the N-word on Good Morning Britain

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Diane Abbott used the N-word on Good Morning Britain this morning (September 14), but many are more outraged about the abuse she receives than her choice of language on television.

The shadow home secretary was talking about the abuse she is sent and said that Twitter users had called her a "n***** b*tch,”, according to The Telegraph.

The Labour MP also discussed being sent both rape and death threats and explained how frightening it is.

Presenter Susanna Reid stepped in to say it was too offensive for Abbott to repeat some of the abuse on morning television.

Abbott replied: "Obviously people listening to those abusive terms will also be upset by them, you've received them directly. We can't broadcast them obviously on the programme at this time in the morning."

Although some are criticising Abbott for using the N-word, many are criticising the people who are outraged at the language.

They claim the public should only be up in arms that Abbott actually receives the abuse, rather than being annoyed at her television etiquette.

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